Get Business Intelligent reports for Customer behavioural tracking, product revenue, Sales analytics. Customer geographical analysis for company expansion. Sales funnel bottle necks and traffic analysis for customer experience.


Automated Lead generation process. Mind hacking marketing techniques. Customer behavioural and emotional marketing strategies. Proven SERVE framework for higher conversion.


Digitisation of company wide processes in single dashboard view. Access all operational systems including inventory management, quotations, invoicing, purchase orders, warehouse & logistics, online orders and customer communication on a mobile device.

STOP paying commissions to Amazon, E-Bay, Shopify

Do you know your business data is most valuable. If the platform you are doing business on shuts down would you shut down your business? Your sales depend on product visibility on leading platforms. Amazon adjusted its search algorithm to prioritise private-label products, which earn the company higher profit, do you think is this fair? Book a strategy call with our online expert to give you unbiased advise.

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Describe your best application key features

App is available on Apple, Android and Web Platform which covers over 99% of the market.

Apps coded on native platform, which means you receive an app that is dedicated to Apple and Android platforms. Assures all standards are met and your app is not rejected.

Built with latest technology and leading developers, saves you time and money. Hosting on leading web service providers for stability and improved speed.

Support 15 languages for clients from different background. Allows you to sell to a wider audience.

Integrated with Paypal, Stripe and square, the leading payment platforms.

Send notifications to your customers from the dashboard for promotions, pre and post bookings and improved customer experience. Using leading firebase technology for sending secured messages to customers.

In total we have spent over 5,200 hours to build the app for you. Save time and money by letting the experts do it for you. You can avoid the mistakes that we made by allowing us to build your systems.

Multi-Level Categories, Quick Product Filter, Super Smooth Checkout Flow, Searching Keyword History, User Profile Customisation.

Supports social login, SMS login by firebase authentication plus an option for guest checkout.

Real time sync between Mobile device, server and across platforms.

User blog allows you to educate and communicate with your clients. Blog section allows for upsells and cross sells.

Allows user to enter shipping and billing address easily.

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Problem Solved

Answered Questions

BEFORE: Missing social media integration and Digital marketing strategy.
AFTER: scheduled posts and easy content creation strategy made digital marketing a breeze.
Initially we knew we had to do social media marketing and SEO however we did not know how to address it. It was hard to find time out of our busy schedule to do anything. With IntelliWare Apps team we could easily create all content and scheduled automation of posts allowed us to focus on our business.

Injex Clinics

BEFORE: Struggling to acquire new clients and manage existing ones.
AFTER: We get automated leads into our CRM and automated follow ups with existing clients.
Being a small business, we wear multiple hats and we didn’t have the time and energy to follow up with clients to upsell or cross sell. The strategies and automation implemented not only increased our sales but gave a great experience to our clients.

Fibre Optic Systems

BEFORE: Multiple systems and manual paperwork resulted in extended delays.
AFTER: Handling and managing all aspects of the business easily using a mobile phone.
We 100% recommend IntelliWare Apps to anyone that needs to grow their business and improve their processes. We have not only survived the COVID-19 lockdown but increased our sales by 5 times using the systems implemented.

Roy Evans, Director

Detailed Features Developed For Your Online
Mobile Commerce Store

Features Available

  1. Full e-commerce features – Dynamic Product variants, checkout process, order notes, wishlist
  2. Great UX design multi-level categories, quick product filter, super smooth checkout flow, searching keyword history.
  3. Offline Images Caching
  4. Easy to restyle and theming by on your branding sites.
  5. Support of multiple payment gateway
  6. Dynamic Product Variant
  7. Support Cash on delivery methods
  8. Login with existing users
  9. Register with new user
  10. Forgot password
  11. Home screen with different section
  12. Products Listing
  13. Product Details
  14. Cart functionality
  15. Wishlist functionality
  16. Checkout flow
  17. Order Listing
  18. Coupon code functionality
  19. User Profile
  20. Changes password
  21. Forgot password
  22. Help & Supports
  23. Upcoming feature
  24. Automated shipping calculations


Download The App From

Ultimated, Mobile-Responsive Pages

Never worry about the SIZE, focus on results, Wether it’s a single lead generation page or a 100+ page website, we got you covered – host unlimited HTML pages on any of your websites.

Ultimated Redirect Pages

Whether it’s an affiliate link underneath your video on YouTube or a link you want to track with your social media post. our redirect feature will take care Of that.

Ultimated Traffic $ Leads

Expecting 70.000 or 100.000 visitors in a Single day’ Want to run a high profile sweepstake campaign with thousands of lea4S7 Awesome That’s what DashNex Pages is designed for.

Unlimited Sweepstake Campaigns

Without a doubt, a sweepstake is one of the most effective lead generation and brand awareness campaigns that you can run for your business. Don’t wait for a second – go ahead and launch it today!

Dynamic Thank You Pages

Regardless of your business, lead generation and customer acquisition is the Core Of it. Dynamic Thank You Pages makes that process fast and simple.

Automatic Digital Product Delivery

Typical lead generation campaign involve some form of a gift – a PDF, an eBook, software, video, audio or sometimes even an entire training program. Just drag $ drop your files in your campaign funnel and we will automatically deliver them to your leads.

1-Click Page Cloning

Whether it’s an A/B split test to improve conversions Or you want to use a preconfigured template for your next page, 1-Click Page Cloning feature makes it super simple.

Easy Optins Boxes

Create a custom box, connect it with your favorite autOresponder and use it on any page on your website to capture leads. It’s the simplest way to make every visitor count.

Deep Integration with TOP Autoresponders

While DashNex Pages with work with any autoresponder that provides HTML Opt-in forms, we have developed a deep integration with TOP autoresponders to make sure you can maximize results through tagging and automation.

Secure SSL for All Your Domains

Today SSL is not optional. It’s a must for every single website. That’s why our system provides an 551_ for your domains by default.

Automatic Security, Backup and Updates

Dashnex Pages is built on Amazon Cloud infrastructure, so every single website is bound to highest level security, automatic backup systems and we take care of all the updates and maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about the technical side at all.

Robust Source File Hostings

With DashNex Pages, you can upload unlimited images, CSS, and other source files directly to your domain. Just drag drop files into the source hosting section, and they will automatically be available for any page on your website.

Shipping Methods

The following shipping methods are pre-configured for you

Free Shipping

Flat Rate Shipping

Shipping By Weight

Local Shipping

Shipping By UPS

Payment Methods

Your app shall have leading payment gateways integrated. Paypal, Stripe and Razorpay



Cash On Delivery

WooCommerce Sqaure

Multi-Language Support (RTL Supported)

Your client will have 15 different languages to choose from. You can have a single default language or allow your client to choose from the list of 15 languages.

Advanced Communication

Integration with WhatsApp for Business, Facebook Messenger, SMS and phone gives your client multiple way to connect with you.

Multi – Currency

If you have international buyers you can incorporate multi-currency payment.

Full State Management Of The Application

State management using Provider, Change Notifier and Get_it all working together to bring a robust state management solution without the need of context. Bring all your state to your business logic with just one line of code.

On Boarding

Greet your users with a well defined on boarding screen

Log In

A beautifully designed login screen with full form validation. Mocks the Http login data call to the server while showing a loading indicator to the user for feedback. Manages any error and show it to the user for feedback.

Sign Up

Allow your users to signup easily with the beautifully designed Signup Screen with full form validation. A confirm password field to match the entered password with validation. Mocks the Http signup data call to the server while showing a loading indicator to the user for feedback. Manages any error and show it to the user for feedback.


  • Home screen to interact better with most of what the application has to offer.
  • Search Bar
  • Choose categories for products
  • Flash Sale
  • Small products list to show most of the trending products separated with categories in popular, recommended, featured products
  • Week Promotions
  • Banner ads for sponsored images

Beautifully Designed Product Screen

Look at the product with multiple images and the ability to zoom and look at them all. Description, seller name and the ability to change size options, colors. Even get the related products suggestion for more activity for your user.

Tabbed Navigation With Beautiful Animation

Bring your users a delight with a beautifully designed tabs with changing animations.

Choose Categories For Products Right From Home Screen

Different options already developed to change what the user is looking for, all with typed classes for robust code. Also select the price range to sort the products.

Search For Products And Apply Filters

Type in the search bar and see the products change with a loading indicator while the data is being fetched (mock http request). Change price range, choose category and hit apply.

Four Main Tabs With Animating Icons






Shows all the favourites items of the user, items in the Wishlist all in one place to make a decision faster.


Cart which shows all the items with the ability to change their quantity and more. Proceed to checkout with multiple but easy steps for better checkout experience.
i. Shipping Address
ii. Shipping Options
iii. Review your order
iv. Choose payment option
v. Payment screen for both success and failure management


Navigate through your Orders, track orders, change your profile information, add new address, delete or update it, add new cards for faster checkout, contact us screen and logout.
i. My Orders
ii. Track Orders
iii. Edit Profile information
iv. Add, update, delete address
v. Add, update, delete cards


Show notifications to user with notification objects and items.

This is not all, check out the the application from the link to get the feel of the application and see for yourself the experience your customers will have. This application is a fully state managed template which you can use to build a beautiful and super-fast e-commerce application. A delight for both, your customers and your administrative staff.

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